Osborne Woodcare offer sports court marking and line painting services to schools, gyms and leisure centres across the country.We paint it all –  ranging from basketball, badminton, netball, hockey and football courts, amongst others. With many years’ experience in sports court marking, we can consult with you on the best layout of the courts on your sports floor. We can scale them, move them and above all, make sure they conform to Sport England specifications.

Sports court marking is an art and should not be attempted by the uninitiated. Our court markers know their work like the back of their hand, the measurements, the products and the process. We leave your floor in pristine condition. Our customers are often pleasantly suprised by how we can make an old Sports Floor, often decades old, look brand new. Our paints and lacquers are very hard wearing so the floor can stay beautiful for years to come.

Osborne Woodcare specialise in court marking:

Wooden Floors
Granwood Floors
Polyurethane Floors

Sports Floor Refurbishment and Court Marking

We repair, where necessary, both Granwood and wooden floors, traditional, sprung or un-sprung. We then sand the floor with a rough grit to remove all lacquer, line markings, dents, scratches and scuffs. Once this is complete we sand the floor a number of times until the floor is smooth and flat. The first 2 coats of lacquer are then applied. Once the second coat is cured, a light buffing takes place to smooth the lacquer, key for the next coat and provide a perfect surface for the line paint to bond with the lacquer. Then measurements are made before the court marking process is carried out, followed by two more coats of lacquer to create a clean smooth beautiful floor with bold colourful court markings.

Sports Floor Court Marking

If you have a wooden or Grandwood sports floor in need of renovation, or if you have a vinyl or polyurethane floor which needs court marking, you can contact us for a free quotation and some friendly advice.

Alternatively you can leave questions and comments in the comments section below.