Osborne Woodcare has served many homes in Radlett and continues to do so. We find that there is a very high percentage of parquet floors and other exotic wood strip floors in Radlett, when compared to other near by affluent areas such as St.Albans, where we most often sand pine floor boards. We believe this is due to the major development of Radlett having started at the end of the 19th century. In that sense Radlett is quite young.

We believe that floor sanding creates the most beautiful floors. No tiles, carpet or laminate can compare to the beauty of all natural wood. The lacquers, oils and stains we use have been designed to really bring the best out of the grain of the wood.

Our process:

We remove all scratches, dents, surface water damage, paint, plaster, carpet glue and even screed! If your floor is uneven, maybe the boards are cupped or parquet blocks laid unevenly, we can sand it in such a way to get it perfectly flat. Then we sand the floor up to a fine, smooth grit.
This is optional, but highly recommended for parquet floors. If you have floor boards its purely your preference. We use the dust from the finer sanding process and mix it with a transparent resin binder. Then we trowel it into the floor. Using the dust means that the filler is as close in colour to the wood as possible. Parquet floors often look like they havent been filled at all when filled properly with this method; the blocks just look like they have been perfectly fitted!
First we seal the wood with either a solvent or water based floor seal, depending on what wood we are working with. Then we coat the floor with a water based lacquer. When that coat of lacquer is dry we buff the floor using a 120 grit screen. This de-nibs the floor and keys the second coat in preparation for the third, this produces a wonderfully smooth finish. We only use the highest quality products. In this case, the Junckers range of lacquers. Junckers have the hardest and most trouble free lacquer on the market in our experience. We also oil floors using Osmo, again a very well known high quality product
Our clients in Radlett have all been very friendly people and good to work with. It’s a pleasure working in this beautiful village!

Floor Sanding Radlett:
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