Wood Parquet Floor Sanding and Restoration in Welwyn Garden City

Hello to all! This blog post is to show case the wood floor sanding work we carried out recently in Welwyn Garden City. It was a Teak parquet herring bone floor that was a little different to the average! The blocks were glued onto a strange underlay system. This gave a little bounce to the floor. This meant that we couldnt fill the floor because the filler would have come out very quickly. None the less it was very interesting to have a solid parquet floor (no loose blocks) that actually had a little give under foot.

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First we lifted and glued down a few blocks that were slightly loose or sticking up slightly. We also fitted blocks that were missing in the door way to the basement. They matched in perfectly! We then began sanding the floor the way we always do. 36grit with the belt sanding and also with the edge sanding. We had some special considerations that we had to bare in mind. Not only was the parquet a bit bouncy, but it was a little ramped up around some edges of the room. This meant we had to be weary of creating big ridges with our machines which are made to work with a relatively flat floor.

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None-the-less we continued our process as usual making slight changes in the direction of sanding in the ramped areas meaning we could achieve the same smooth finish we always do. Up through the grits 60, 80, 100 and then buffing. The beauty of the wood was becoming more and more visable as the surface became smoother. Once the belt sanding and the edge sanding are complete we then start the ‘finishing’. This involves sanding out the scratches in the wood caused by the other machines with the buffing machine. Rotary floor sanding is much smoother than linear sanding

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We hoovered very thoroughly because unfilled parquet often releases lots of dirt when lacquered. We primed the floor with Junckers Baseprime. Baseprime is a solvent based floor seal. We always use baseprime on exotic wood because it really brings out the grain. Since the prime is a solvent it dries (usually) within 30 mins of completion. Once dry, we applied the first coat of waterbased lacquer. The client went with Junckers Strong. Strong isn’t the strongest lacquer available but its not too far off. It’s closer to the commercial lacquer than the other domestic lacquer which is part acrylic.

Osborne Woodcare Floor Sanding And Restoration
The first water base coat took about an hour to dry. We buffed the floor to ‘de-nib’ and key for the final coat. We then finished the floor with a thick final coat of Strong.

Floor Sanding in Welwyn Garden City

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