A floor board sanding and restoration project

Osborne Woodcare continues floor sanding throughout Hertfordshire and here is a sneak peak at a floor sanding project we completed recently in Abbots Langley

The client had 2 floors and was actually unsure if this floor would come up very well because it looked so old and tatty (as you can see in the pictures below). We assured her that it would look fantastic and that the surfact was no indication of the wood just 1 or 2 millimetres beneath the surface. We started (as we often do) sanding diagonally to level the floor. This is slightly more agressive than sanding with the grain of the wood which will get out all the dents, scratches and worn out surface of the floor quicker.

abbots1 abbots2

Once the diagonal sanding is complete, we then sand with the grain on the same grit of sand paper to ensure that all the scratches going across the boards are taken out. Then its a case of going through the grits. 36 on the sander, 36 on the edger, 60, 80, 100 on the sander, then 80 on the edger.

abbots3 abbots4

Then we sand the corners, first we scrape off the the surface with a hand scraper and finish off with the fein detail sander to make sure the corners are smooth and clean. The final stage of the sanding process is buffing. Rotary sanding (buffing) always creates a much smoother finish than linear motion machines. So by buffing the floor with 80 grit disks we are taking out all the linear scratches from the sander and creating a perfect environment for the lacquer to get a firm bond with.

abbots5 abbots6

The floor was then coated with a primer and once that was dry, a coat of lacquer. After the first lacquer coat is dry we then buffed the floor with a 120 grit mesh to denib and create a very smooth finish. Finally a nice thick last coat is applied to produce the finishing product. This is one of many homes we have serviced in Abbots Langley. If you would like a quote or just some advice then please dont hesitate to contact us.

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