Stair Sanding and Refurbishment
from Osborne Woodcare Floor Finishers

Stair sanding can be a difficult and laborious task and for most floor / stair sanding companies, the finished result can vary. Stairs can come in such a wide variety of dimensions, condition, age and species of wood.

Sometimes a homeowner will lift the carpet from a pine staircase to have the stairs sanded. This kind of staircase will require nail and carpet tack removal, paint removal, repairs and spot filling; a generally tough task – we love it! On the other hand an oak staircase in a fairly new home will be a very easy staircase to sand.

Osborne Woodcare Floor Finishers has become well known for our quality and customer satisfaction with wood care, stair sanding and finishing. We work to a very high standard working closely with the customer to achieve their desired finish. We have done 300 year old oak staircases, spiral Douglas fir (pine), even 4 storeys of Cedar wood treads and risers equating to 64 stairs!

If your staircase needs sanding, refurbishment or if you’ve decided to lift your carpet and bring your wooden stairs to life, call us for a free quote on 01438 901493 or call Ben directly on 07877 840218.