Parquet & Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration St. Albans

St Albans is the city from which Osborne Woodcare was born. Most of our floor sanding staff come from St Albans including the owner. We have sanded countless floors in St Albans and most of the calls we get there are purely from word of mouth. All kinds of floors can be found in the different areas that make up St Albans. We do encounter a vast amount of pine floor boards and pine staircases in St.Albans which is to be expected with the ‘old market town’ territory.

wood floor refinishing st.albans

If you have a worn out floor that needs sanding in St.Albans then consider Osborne Woodcare. We have sanded the floors of homes, businesses, pubs, restuarants, schools, community buildings and a church in St.Albans. We can accomodate your personal needs, we can work weekends or over night. We have a 98% dust free floor sanding system, but if you would like any areas sheeted up to protect certain areas we can. This is often the case in bars or restuarants where the bar needs complete protection.

floor sanding st.albans

Floor Sanding St.Albans:

If you would like a quote or just some friendly advice then please contact us, alternatively you can post questions at the bottom of this page. You can find images of floors we have sanded previously around the site and other information on the service we provide.