Bringing new life to floors throughout Hertfordshire and London

Floorboard sanding accounts for up to a third of our work. We have it down to a fine art! Many people try to sand their floorboards themselves, discover how hard it is to produce a good finish and call in the professionals. These DIY enthusiasts often make the best customers, because they appreciate the craft.

It’s great to know that if you get tired of carpets you can just pull them up to reveal a perfectly good floor. Changing from carpet to sanded floors means less dust and a floor that’s much easer to clean. It can also make a room look bigger!

We can nail down loose boards or replace severely damaged ones. Gaps can be filled with wooden wedges and / or filled with a transparent resin binder mixed with the dust from the floor. Filling gaps can make the floor look more full and consistent. It can also stop any draft coming through on the ground floor. You can also have your floor stained. Wood floor staining can help to match it in with furniture and other decorative effects or just make your floor look more modern. If you would like some advice or a quote, call now!