Last week we sanded a floor for a client living in Digswell. The family were working on a budget and trying to do as much as possible themselves and they achieved a lot. They bought and fitted an exotic strip wood floor. The floor was purchased on ebay and was apparently an ‘African Teak’. Iroko is known as African Teak and it wasn’t Iroko, nor was it like any Teak I had ever seen. Despite my efforts I couldn’t identify the wood (closest match was Apple!) but it was a very beautiful wood indeed.

The customer had sanded, filled and oiled the floor themselves. Unfortunately the sanding machine they hired wasn’t powerful enough. It hadn’t flattened the floor or removed the filler from the surface of the wood. The end result was not pretty! So after deciding they wanted some professional help, they asked if we could sand and fill the floor and leave the oiling to them. No problem. The rooms were also filled with furniture which we had to work around, not ideal but do-able.

The floor came up perfectly smooth and beautiful. They already had the Osmo oil so we put the first coat of oil down on 1 side to show them how its done and we left them with the roller and brush so they could finish by the same method.


Floor Sanding Digswell:

Floor Sanding Digswell

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