With years of experience in parquet floor restoration Hertfordshire, we tailor our floor sanding method to suit your floor at Osborne Woodcare.

At a time when traditional craftsmanship and skills developed over a lifetime of experience is becoming rarity we offer a quality service in offices, shops, residential, retail and commercial properties in Hertfordshire.

We provide full restoration of wooden flooring; full restoration of block flooring; and full restoration of parquet flooring. We can undertake all aspects of repairs and, because of the quality of the machinery we use, we can even work on engineered boards. Also we restore normal floorboards and we can restore your wooden staircase too!

We have been restoring flooring to its natural beauty for years in Hertfordshire and have wide experience of working in commercial, residential, hotels, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, schools, colleges, on sports floors, in leisure complexes, offices, shops, retail outlets and libraries.

When wooden flooring, block flooring and parquet flooring is damaged or in need of restoration, it may seem like an easy solution to rip it out and replace with laminate. We think this is a decision you would regret very quickly. The natural warmth and beauty of parquet and wooden floors enhances any space and is well worth the effort of preserving. It’s also much easier and less messy than you might think. In fact the machine we use can guarantee that your floor surface will be 100% clean after sanding; and what’s more our work is 100% dust free guaranteed. Our equipment will remove any paint, stains and grime. Scratches and indentations will vanish and even chewing gum is no match for our machine! No job is too small for us to undertake and spot repairs can be carried out without a problem.
Most would agree that a parquet floor portrays its own inimitable cachet of elegance and style. For centuries this beautiful surface was confined to the privileged footsteps of the very rich who could afford it. Its popularity and availability soared during Edwardian times and in the ‘30s. Today, those lucky enough to have a property with an original parquet floor are usually very keen to restore it to its original beauty. The restoration of such an original feature calls for a specialist with a great reputation and lots of experience at restoring parquet flooring.

We have built our reputation on long experience and sound knowledge together with thorough preparation and great attention to detail in the processes that we use. We can repair or replace broken blocks and can use and supply various species of wood. We offer an efficient and reliable service. For example, 30 square metres of flooring could be completed within one day.

Such special flooring deserves specialist attention. A parquet floor in a leisure setting such as a hotel, pub, nightclub or restaurant creates a warm and relaxing ambience. In commercial and retail outlets, such as shops and offices the timelessness of parquet flooring instils a quiet confidence; whilst in environments that are particularly well-used, such as schools, sports halls, colleges and libraries, a parquet floor’s durability and reliability can be unsurpassable. Wherever your parquet floor be sure to trust it to the experts.

Restoring parquet floors requires the kind of specialist skill we can bring. Whether the parquet flooring is in a pub, hotel, restaurant or nightclub – we will ensure reliable, conscientious service and guarantee that our work will be 100% dust-free, as we understand the importance of this in a commercial setting. Restoring parquet flooring in schools, libraries, colleges, leisure complexes and sports floors calls for trustworthy, quality workmanship, which we can also guarantee.

Homeowners can be assured that our work in residential settings is guaranteed to delight. There will be no nasty surprises. Forget the clouds of dust you imagine will be caused by sanding and renovating your parquet floor. Our work is 100% dust-free guaranteed. You can rest in the knowledge that restoring your parquet flooring can be the icing on the cake of your house renovation. We will ensure that your carefully chosen furniture and newly painted windowsills remain pristine.

So when your flooring’s past its best – don’t despair – and don’t replace with laminate. Call us in to restore it and once again allow its beauty to shine through. For more information on Parquet Floor Restoration Hertfordshire visit us at www.osbornewoodcare.com or call us on 01462 612402