Hello! Today we are going to be showcasing a floor sanding project we recently completed in Stevenage, our home town.
This post is a little different, but only because it’s a parquet fingerblock floor, and as far as I can remember, this is the first time we have posted pictures of a finger block floor we have completed.
The client wanted their old tired, oak fingerblock floor lifted back to life. There were a few loose blocks, as the client pointed out. They wanted it repaired, sanded, filled and lacquered with a matt finish

floor sanding stevenage parquet floor restoration steveage

We started off lifting all the loose blocks and hoovering where the blocks sit and hoovered underneath the blocks themselves, to ensure maximum adhesion. We then used our parquet glue which is made to melt and mix with the bitumen originally used to glue the blocks down and then dry keeping the blocks secure. We then began sanding with a 36 grit paper diagonally. Sanding straight across the floor would cause the blocks running with the sander to be sanded less than the blocks running against the direction of the sander. This is why we start diagonally, to keep the floor as flat and smooth as possible.

wood floor restoration stevenage parquet floor refinishing stevenage
After the first belt sanding, we then sanded around the edges of the floor with the 36 grit edging disks. Once this was complete we then continued sanding the floor with the belt sander through the 60 grit and 80 grit papers, emptying the bag before the 80 grit. The 80 dust is then mixed with a transparent resin binder and trowelled into the floor to fill all the gaps.

parquet floor sanding stevenage floorboard sanding and refinishing stevenage

After leaving the filler to dry, we sanded the filler off the surface off the floor (leaving it in the gaps) using the 100grit papers. This time sanding straight across the floor to prevent any garish scratches. We then sanded the edges of the floor with the final 80 grit disks. All that needed doing then was the corners and the buffing. The buffing blends the edge sanding with the belt sanding and generally makes the floor much smoother.
The floor is then hoovered and lacquered with Junckers Baseprime. We use baseprime specifically on hardwood floors as it is a solvent sealer. This really helps to bring out the grain of the wood and make it look beautiful. We then lacquered the floor with 2 coats of Junckers Strong Matt, buffing before the final coat to key for the last coat and get it as smooth as possible for the final finish.

Floor Sanding in Stevenage:

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