Primary schools, colleges and universities all enjoy the benefits of parquet flooring, mosaic fingerblock flooring, wide pine flooring planks, solid beech and oak flooring. Boy, do these floors take a beating! Hundreds of hyperactive children running around, dragging furniture, spilling drinks, carring stones in the soles of their shoes and generally abusing what is, or can be, a beautiful feature of the school. All this is happening every single day.

This is where Osborne Woodcare can be of service… (more below!)

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Many schools put off refinishing their floors for years, even decades, due to budgetary restrictions. This sometimes gives us the pleasure of restoring filthy floors that are almost black, to new looking, stunning hardwood floors. Floors previously thought to be ready for disposal, suddenly become the most attractive feature of the school with a new lease of life!

Even if budget is a concern, there’s no reason why schools shouldn’t get a free on-site evaluation to find out whether a floor is sandable, repairable or suffering issues such as damp or dry rot. And of course, to get a no-obligation estimate for sanding and refinishing. On floors that are too far gone, which we don’t see often, we also replace parquet and sports floors as seen in the images above.

We also offer “abrade and seal” services, as a wood floor that is periodically screened and re-sealed will have a long lifespan with only light maintenance required between services.  The screening process is a light floor sanding which keys the surface of the existing seal and removes light scratches before a new coat of seal is reapplied.

This offers a fast and non-intrusive method of maintenance and ensures the wood is protected at all times. Osborne Woodcare uses only the best wood finishing products available, and offer advice on the most effective seal or oil for your wood floor to ensure you have a beautiful, long lasting finish. Floor sanding and restoring wooden floors back to their former glory is what Osborne Woodcare does best.  Our team of dedicated craftsmen whose high-quality work will ensure that your floors look their best.

Over the years, Osborne Woodcare has gained extensive knowledge and experience in school floor sanding and refinishing services for school classrooms, halls, dining rooms and school gymnasiums. We have a portfolio of happy customers that we can put you in contact with to testify to our quality craftsmanship and professionality. Just ask!

Planning Your School Floor Sanding Project

School floors comprise a big chunk of our regular services. Reason being – they benefit from our special school floor sanding rates and our commercial grade products, designed for high traffic areas.  We also provide floor sanding for community centres, churches and offices. We can supply a wide range of finishing products, colours, repairs and services.  Beech flooring is among the common wood flooring our school floor sanding service will treat, usually in the school sports halls and gyms.

Floor Sanding and wood floor fitting is our speciality. This is where our professional expertise, extensive experience, team working and dedicated customer care blend together to allow us to offer a tailored, flexible and reliable wood floor refinish service. We have been growing rapidly and now we offer the ultimate restoration services portfolio in London.

Floor sanding is a craft that takes quite a while to master and become confident with. The art of transforming the look of rusty boards or 100s of years old parquet into a fine, beautiful floor and see it return to its former glory of shiny and smooth finish feels great and the happy faces of our customers at the end result of our work is a reward in its own.

Osborne Woodcare is a trustworthy, highly regarded School Floor Sanding company within the industry.  We are a flexible and reliable company and are happy to work during School Holiday periods, bank holidays and outside of normal working hours. Contact us for a free, convenient, no obligation consultation and work estimate today.

For more information on School Floor Sanding  call us on 01462 612402