Sanding Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Osborne Woodcare: Experts in sanding engineered wood floors Engineered wood flooring is becoming more and more popular. As these floors age, clients regularly ask if sanding engineered wood flooring is possible. Some floor sanding contractors refuse to sand and refinish engineered flooring for fear of sanding through the hardwood wear layer to the ply substrate, but [...]

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Floor Sanding and Refinishing in Biggleswade

Today we are showcasing a floor we sanded recently in Biggleswade. We do a lot of floor sanding in Biggleswade and this is an example of just one floor we have sanded recently. This floor is an Oak 3-strip engineered board with about a 5mm-deep oak surface. The floor was pretty flat with only surface [...]

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Parquet Sanding and Restoration

How to Sand a Parquet floor Today we are going to discuss the right and wrong procedures when it comes to parquet restoration. I have had people within the floor sanding industry with 15+ years experience tell me that the correct way to sand a parquet floor is to go diagonally across the floor. [...]

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Wood Floor Sanding

Many people try to sand their floorboards themselves, discover how hard it is to produce a good finish and call in the professionals. Floor sanding and restoring wooden floors back to their former glory is what Osborne Woodcare, Wood Floor Sanding do best.  A team of dedicated craftsmen whose high quality work will ensure that [...]

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Parquet Floor Sanding and Restoration In Hertfordshire

With years of experience in parquet floor restoration Hertfordshire, we tailor our floor sanding method to suit your floor at Osborne Woodcare. At a time when traditional craftsmanship and skills developed over a lifetime of experience is becoming rarity we offer a quality service in offices, shops, residential, retail and commercial properties in Hertfordshire. We [...]

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School Floor Sanding and Restoration

Primary schools, colleges and universities all enjoy the benefits of parquet flooring, mosaic fingerblock flooring, wide pine flooring planks, solid beech and oak flooring. Boy, do these floors take a beating! Hundreds of hyperactive children running around, dragging furniture, spilling drinks, carring stones in the soles of their shoes and generally abusing what is, or [...]

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Sports Floor Court Marking

Osborne Woodcare offer sports court marking and line painting services to schools, gyms and leisure centres across the country.We paint it all -  ranging from basketball, badminton, netball, hockey and football courts, amongst others. With many years’ experience in sports court marking, we can consult with you on the best layout of the courts on [...]

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Floor Sanding St.Albans

We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge on the subject of floor sanding. Every type of wood can require its own consideration in terms of the methods used to do the best job. This means losing the least wood, getting the floor flat, clean and smooth while trying to prevent dips in the floor [...]

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Floor Sanding Abbots Langley

A floor board sanding and restoration project Osborne Woodcare continues floor sanding throughout Hertfordshire and here is a sneak peak at a floor sanding project we completed recently in Abbots Langley The client had 2 floors and was actually unsure if this floor would come up very well because it looked so old and tatty [...]

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Floor Sanding Knebworth

Knebworth is prime stomping ground for Osborne Woodcare. Infact Knebworth alone accounts for a sizeable chunk of our business. The new village of Knebworth, developed in the late 19th century, tends to be a rather affluent area. This, combined with its inhabitants enjoyment of a small country village lifestyle, makes wood floors and rustic [...]

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