Today we are showcasing a floor we sanded recently in Biggleswade. We do a lot of floor sanding in Biggleswade and this is an example of just one floor we have sanded recently.

This floor is an Oak 3-strip engineered board with about a 5mm-deep oak surface. The floor was pretty flat with only surface damage and fading. We decided it would be best to give the floor as shallow a sanding as possible, so that we don’t remove too much wood. For this reason we started with 60grit belts (as oppose to 36). We started sanding the floor diagonally to remove any variation in the level of the floor and to add a bit of aggressiveness to the otherwise not-so-aggressive 60-grit belts. This removed all of the lacquer, damage, dents and scratches over the main area of the floor. We then sanded the floor again with a 60grit but this time going with the grain to take out the diagonal scratches.

floorboard sanding biggleswade floorboard restoration and refinishing biggleswade

After this was complete we then began sanding the edge of the floor, also with 60grit disks. Again, this is to flatten the floor and remove all lacquer and damage from the surface, leaving a clean flat bare wood floor. Once this was complete we could then move up the grits until we have a smooth finish. There were a number of small gaps which we spot filled with a mix of the dust from the finer sanding process and a transparent resin binder. This was done before the very final sanding.

hardwood floor sanding and refinishing letchworth wood floor refinishing biggleswade

Now its a case of smoothing the wood with the buffing machine. Rotary sanding is a lot smoother than linear sanding, grit for grit. The buffing machine removes any scratches left by the belt sander and the edge sander and blends the edges with the main area to give it a very smooth perfect look. Then the edges are sanded first with a rough grit and second with a smooth grit.

parquet floor sanding and restoration biggleswade floor sanding biggleswade

We are now ready to hoover the floor and begin lacquering. As per our recommendation, we used Junckers Baseprime to seal the wood. Baseprime works brilliantly on hardwood. It brings out the grain of the wood and gives the floor a very colourful and vibrant appearance. The customer requested that the floor be very hard wearing with a matt finish, so we lacquered the floor with 3 coats of Junckers HP Commercial Matt. After the first coat we buffed the floor again to smooth off any grain raising or roughness caused by the first water based coat. The next 2 coats went on beautifully leaving a sheen-less hard wearing floor.

parquet refinishing biggleswade

Parquet Floor Sanding and Restoration Biggleswade

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