Wood Floor & Parquet Floor Sanding and Restoration Harpenden

Today we are posting a show case of a floor we recently sanded in Harpenden. This is also the first blog post we are posting that includes floor staining, as many people have been asking for pictures of other staining work we have done.

floorboard sanding harpenden floorboard refinishing harpenden

There were 2 floors, the living room which was tongue and groove pine floor boards, and the hallway which had origional oak flooring (judging by the aging of the wood it was 100+ years old). We started by removing the chipboard and white filler in the hallway and nailing down loose boards all over. We then began the usual diagonal, 36 grit, rough sanding. It’s the diagonal, rough sanding that completely removes the dirt, dents and scratches. It also flattens the floor, so cupped edges or proud boards are flat and consistant. To remove the scratches from the diagonal sanding, we use the 36 grit but sanding with the grain. To complete the rough sanding we sand round the edge of the floor with the disk edging sander.

floor sanding harpenden wood floor staining harpenden

We then continue sanding up through the grits to 80 grit. We use the dust from the 80 grit to mix with a transparent resin binder. The filler is then trowelled into the whole floor to fill all the gaps. At this point we sanded off some of the filler to apply stain samples to be left over night so the customer can choose the colour over night.

wood floor restoration harpenden wood floor refinishing harpenden

The next day we sanded the filler off the surface of the floor using 100 grit belts and 80 grit disks around the edge. The linear scratches from the belt sander and the scratches from the edger are removed with the buffing machine. To finish off the sanding we use the detailer to sand into the corners of each area.

parquet floor sanding and restoration harpenden parquet refinishing harpenden

The floor was hoovered before we began staining. During the staining we use a technique to give the floor a consistant coverage and colour. We left the stain to dry for roughly 45 minutes before we began applying the first coat of lacquer. That first coat was left over night to ensure it was fully cured before buffing. The buffing de-nibs and smooths off the first coat. We then hoovered again and applied another 2 coats. At the last minute we changed the finish of the floor from Ultra-Matt to Semi-Gloss to give it more of a sheen.

hardwood floor refinishing

We used Junckers HP Commercial lacquer to ensure durability and keep the floor vibrant with minimal wear for years to come.

Floor Sanding Harpenden

If you are looking for professional floor sanding in Harpenden or you would just like some friendly advice, please contact us. Alternatively, you can leave comments and questions in the comment section below.