Professional Floor Restoration & Floor Sanding London

Osborne Woodcare is one of the leading names in wooden floor restoration and we have been providing floor sanding in London and the surrounding areas for a number of years. Our team are dedicated to providing the best service for our loyal customers and have been providing floor sanding in London since 2014.

Our team guarantee the best results and here at Osborne Woodcare, we dedicate our work to ensuring that our floor restoration services are the best in London and the surrounding areas. We use tried and tested methods that we know work and our team will do everything it takes to get your floor back where it needs to be. We have provided floor sanding in London and helped restore the homes of many customers in the city, with our reputation being the main thing we take pride in here at Osborne Woodcare.

We have worked with some of the most difficult and most damaged floors you could imagine and there is virtually no floor restoration job that our experts have never been able to restore to its original finish. Osborne Woodcare have been providing floor sanding in London since 2014 and have a combined experience in the floor restoration industry of over 50 years. It is this level of expertise that has driven our reputation to where it is today and we will continue to keep pleasing our loyal customers here in London.

Floor sanding in London since 2014

We have been offering our floor sanding London services since 2014. We have ensured that since operating in this region, to make sure that all of our customers leave smiling with our floor restoration work. Using the latest equipment and making sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to quality control, our team will do everything in their power to make sure your floor looks brand new and make it last a lifetime.

The ultimate goal is to make sure that the work we do on your floor is there to last forever. The floor restoration work we carry out is not just for aesthetic reasons but for functional purposes too. By giving your floor the clean it needs, this will ultimately make your lives easier when it comes to maintaining the quality of it in the future.

We are an honest company that are only here to do the absolute best for our customers. We take pride in our work and making sure that our customers are happy with what we do for them is what drives us forward. Our floor sanding London services have turned us into one of the biggest names in the industry and making sure we do our best to keep up the good work is what is going to help us move forward.

Why do our customers in London choose Osborne Woodcare?

Our team here at Osborne Woodcare have been working now for a number of years within this industry. What our team do is highly skilled and they have been sharpening their tools to help ensure that the work they do is delivered to perfection. There are other floor sanding companies in London that cut a lot of corners with their work but the work carried out by our team is delivered to the highest standard every time.

Floor sanding in London is our speciality

We have worked on a number of projects where we are left picking up the pieces from previous floor sanding London work that has been as a result of these companies not knowing what they are doing. It is vital that you do your research, ensure that the company doing the work is a reliable one and make sure you go to the right people when it comes to work of this kind. Our team at Osborne Woodcare ensure that no corners are cut with our work and we take pride in our floor restoration projects. Our consultation process before we begin our projects involves letting the customer know of every step that is going to be taken to return your wooden floor back to its former glory and we do not settle for any work that falls below our standards.

It is never too late to restore your flooring

A number of our London clients have fallen into the same trap of thinking that their home or their floor is too old to have any work carried out on it… You could not be more wrong. We have provided our floor sanding and wood restoration services to a number of clients who believed that their floor was past the point of no return. Here at Osborne Woodcare, we make sure that any big repairs are carried out properly and that when we sand, we make sure that the floor is completely secure before the restoration and sanding period.

Why would my wooden floor require restoration work?

There are a number of factors that should determine your decision when it comes to using our wood restoration services. Not only are there a number of aesthetic reasons as to why you should be considering floor restoration or our floor sanding London services but there are also structural benefits that can help ensure your floor lasts as long as possible. Our work is designed to help make your lives easier and once your floor has been restored, maintaining it is a much easier task.

With the prices of houses in London, it is vital that you get the most out of your property. Having a well finished and fully restored floor can really help boost the value of your home. Osborne Woodcare look to return your floor back to its original finish and we are there to give your house the glow it fully deserves. You can often become desensitised to the look of your home but once we have provided our floor sanding services in London, you will really notice a change in the appearance of your home.

With old wooden floors being very susceptible to moisture, you need to make sure that as a homeowner you keep on top of any issues that may arise. Here at Osborne Woodcare, we ensure that we nip any of these issues in the bud. Wooden flooring picks up moisture over time and there are a number of factors that lead to these issues. Seasonal and temperature changes are some of the biggest factors that cause long term damage and although this is a natural process that occurs, it can completely ruin the floor unless treated.

Here at Osborne Woodcare, it is our duty to help ensure that your wooden floor is in as smooth as condition as it can be. A well sanded and finished floor can really provide your home with the makeover it needs and our floor sanding London team will be there every step of the way to make sure that we carry out as professional a job as we can.

The long-term benefits of floor sanding

Floor sanding and wood restoration is our pride and our craft here at Osborne Woodcare. Floor sanding is our speciality and no matter whether it is walnut, oak or pine, our service is unrivalled in terms of how our floor sanding London services can help benefit your home.

Floor sanding is not just for finishing purposes

With the work that our team carry out, not only does it help give your floor the showroom finish it deserves but it helps protect from any bacteria that could potentially damage the wood further. Our team ensure that a professional job is carried out every time and our London floor sanding services have led us to grow our reputation to where it is today.

Especially if the wooden flooring in your home is weak, here at Osborne Woodcare, we can drastically improve the durability of your floor and ultimately, make it last longer than it would have. Older homes tend to be more prone to this sort of damage and it is vital that if you know you live in an old home where these issues could potentially come up, you need to make sure that you get in touch with our London floor sanding team to ensure that we help nip these problems in the bud early. Using the latest techniques and the best machinery available, we can rectify any issues you have with your floor and restore it back to its former glory.

Using the right floor sanding methods is essential

Making sure that the work you have done to your floor is done by the right people is one thing but making sure that the right methods are carried out is also vital to determining the success of the work carried out.  Our floor sanding London team use the best methods that they have developed over the years in this trade, using the latest equipment to make sure that the final result is a quality one. There are a couple of things that you should also be looking out for when having work done to your floor:

  • Ensure that the right sandpaper is being used on your floorboards – If your floorboards have never had any work carried out to them, a much coarser grade of sandpaper works better. This will ensure that any dirt and original varnish is completely removed and will work much quicker.
  • Not sanding enough can result in an amateur finish – You need to ensure that any shadows or previous marks from the original varnish are completely removed to leave the most professional finish. It takes time especially if the floor is not completely flat but making sure that the floor looks brand new once the work has been carried out is when you know it is good to go.
  • Make sure that the sandpaper is being changed regularly – Not changing the sandpaper enough is what can take more time. Ensuring that you are using the right grade of paper prevents it clogging up with dust and dirt as quickly as it would using the wrong one but it is vital that you make sure the belt is being changed to give the best finish possible.

Floor Sanding London – FAQ

1. What is involved in the sanding process?

Our goal as floor refinishers is to get the floor looking as smooth and clean as possible, while also removing as little wood as necessary to preserve the life of the floor. As a very basic outline, all professional floor refinishers should perform the following.

A course grit with the belt sander and edge sander to remove all the old finish(or glue or whatever else may be on the floor), dents and scratches to reveal a flat clean floor. Most spill stains are quite shallow and come out in the sanding process, while very few others soak right into the wood. Sometimes it is possible to start with a medium grit, but this is maybe 15-20% of jobs.

A medium grit with the belt sander and edge sander. This is to remove the scratches caused by the cause grit sanding from the previous process.

A fine grit with the belt sander and edge sander. Climbing the grits like this is to leave the finest scratches possible. This is all in preparation for the most important part of the job….

The finishing sanding. There are many different finishing sanders on the market, but the defining characteristic of them is that they have a large surface area(and thus a lower pounds per square inch pressure on the abrasives). This machine is used to remove all the scratches from the previous steps. One of the areas in which we leave our competition behind is our knowledge and skill at getting the most incredible results at this step in the process.

2. Will there be a lot of dust?

Some people have experience with rental sanding machines, these are usually the customers who are most concerned about dust. Cheap rental sanders emit a terrible amount of dust and it seems to creep through cracks and crevices throughout the home (they also don’t do a very good job at sanding the floor). Modern professional floor sanding machines are very different, they remove 99% of all dust or more. We also use dust extraction systems to collect the dust. No matter how good a dust control protocol is, there is always some dust emitted. If there are any items you would like us to cover with polythene dust sheets, just ask and we will accommodate.

3. Can my wooden floor be saved?

Unfortunately, this is most often an unasked question. There are so many people who think their floor is too far gone and either rip it up or cover the floor with a carpet. If you have a wood floor and have even the remotest possibility of restoring it to its former glory, call and get an estimate! Estimates are free. A good floor refinisher won’t want to refinish a floor if he doesn’t believe it will result in a happy customer. If I don’t think it’s salvageable, I will say so.

4. Is it possible to refinish my floor without sanding?

I believe this is possible, however, this is not a service we offer. In reality, it’s probably not an option you should consider. Old floors can be quite uneven, with dents and scratches, maybe a little warping, and also staining. You can make an old wood floor look far better by stripping back 1-2mm of wood to reveal a perfectly flat, smooth, surface and applying a new finish from there.

 5. Do I need to stain my floors?

Only 10-15% of our work involves staining, that is, applying a colour before applying the protective coating. Some of our clients say “sanding and staining” when they refer to sanding and finishing. Clear seal and clear lacquer slightly darkens the wood and brings out its natural grain. If you would like to darken (or even lighten) the floor, we can put some samples down on the bare wood after the sanding is complete for you to choose from. The samples are then sanded off and applied to the entire floor. Pine and Oak are great for staining as they are light and present a blank canvas on which to create your own beautiful finish. More colourful and exotic woods are usually not stained as the natural unstained grain is so much more beautiful and are already more ‘full bodied’.

6. How long will it take for our floors to be completed?

For an average size family home with a living room, dining room, hallway and a couple of bedrooms it will take 3-4 days, assuming the floors are in relatively good condition and you are going to keep them natural and not stain them.

Single rooms of a normal size are usually completed in a single day. Some circumstances cause the lacquer to dry slower, or maybe some repairs in the morning may set the job back a little, in which case we can return and apply the final coat the next day. If you would like to add staining, prepare to add up to a whole day to the process. Since stairs can only be sanded with hand sanders that are no where near as powerful as floor sanders, it can take some time, especially if there is thick paint on them (which is often the case). Allow 3 days for Stairs.

7. What areas do we work in?

We are mostly Hertfordshire based. We also work in North London and Central London. However, if you have a sizable and/or interesting project and you are within a reasonable distance from us, we would love to hear from you! Sometimes our lead time can run up quite substantially, but some of our clients are prepared to wait. If you have a 14 square metre living room 30 miles from us, you might want to consider someone closer to you.

8. Should I redecorate before or after refinishing the floors?

Most of the decorating can be done before we sand the floors. Skirting, however, should be redecorated after we have refinished the floor. One reason is that the edger can rub against the skirting leave a pencil line close to the floor. Often gloss work paint (even if its matt) can take a very long time to dry and can delaminate from the skirting. Which presents a real problem when trying to lacquer the floor as the paint flakes and falls in the lacquer. Expensive and/or textured wallpaper should be installed after the floors have been refinished