In this post we are going to show just one of the many floors we have sanded in Letchworth. We thought the wood had beautiful grain, worthy of a blog post.
The boards were very cupped, sup we began sanding the floor with 36grit diagonally across the floor. This helps to sand the ‘peaks’ out of the floor without the machine tilting and preserving the contours of the floor. The sanding is also more aggressive when you go against the grain, which helps to clean the floor and get it flat faster. The floor is then sanded with 36grit, again, going with the grain (straight) which prepares the floor for the 60grit sanding (also with the grain).

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Once the rough grit belt sanding is complete, we then sand the edges also with 36 grit. The coarser the grit the faster the floor is flattened and the dents, scratches and previous finish is removed. We use a detail sander with a rough grit to clean the corners where the edger can’t reach.

wood floor restoration letchworth floorboard sanding and refinishing in letchworth

The floor is ready to be sanded with the finer grits. We belt sand the floor with 80grit and 100grit. Then we completed the final edge sanding with 80grit disks and 80grit on the detailer. To finish the sanding, we buffed the floor with 80grit disks under the buffer. Rotary sanding produces a much smoother finish than linear (belt) sanding. This means that the buffing will leave a much smoother finish than the 100grit belt sanding. It also helps to blend the edge sanding with the belt sanding.

parquet sanding and refinishing letchworth parquet floor sanding and restoration letchworth

The customer decided to go with the ‘Upgrade to HP Commercial’ option with a semi-gloss finish. HP Commercial is a 2 part commercial lacquer which is harder wearing than normal domestic lacquers. We primed the floor with Junckers Baseprime, a solvent based floor seal. This primer really brings out the grain of the wood. Once the primer is dry we applied the first coat of HP Commercial. When dry the first HP coat is buffed using a 120grit mesh to smooth the surface and key for the final coat.

parquet wood floor sanding and restoration letchworth

Wood Floor and Parquet Restoration

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